Ten.Six Hundred & Ninety-Five

  1. Already? Already?

  2. An instant oatmeal kind of morning.

  3. I whisper his name to rouse him from sleep. “Don’t forget that I still need my costume,” he says with his eyes still closed. I chuckle to myself. That’s exactly what I’d expect him to say.

  4. She insists on wearing the costume for the field trip. I haven’t had enough coffee yet to try to talk her out of it.

  5. All of the pieces are coming together.

  6. I know he won’t walk away until I ask him why he’s grinning.

  7. I want to tip her but there’s no tip jar. I ask her if I can still tip her and she refuses but with a smile. I’ll find another way to pay it forward.

  8. I feel like I’m tripping out. Two clouds becoming one cloud becoming three clouds. It’s like some kind of alien web. I keep closing my eyes and opening them again.

  9. Sun, sun, sun.

  10. Well. This is going to be interesting.