Ten.Six Hundred & Ninety-Eight

  1. I laugh to myself.

  2. I text her to say that I had a crazy dream and I blame it on the dairy-free ice cream.

  3. I promise Lunchables instead.

  4. I tell him about the other wild dream. I’m working in a clothing store and James Harden comes in and wants the lining of his pockets altered so that he can’t see the line. But he wants to keep the pockets. And then he asks me out on a date. “He’s a punk,” he says. “Not in my dream, though!”

  5. I pack a couple of sandwiches and a salad and we head out to the school.

  6. All things considered, this could be much more chaotic.

  7. We stop for a margarita on the way home. She shows me a picture of her wedding dress. “It’s time,” she says. “We’ve been together since high school.”

  8. Hammock.

  9. Wow. I’m going to buy this meat again.

  10. “Just baseball tomorrow, right?” “Yes. Thank goodness. Just baseball.”