Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Three

  1. Oh, yes. The English muffins.

  2. The sound of the rain. The smell of the rain. This is the kind of day that makes you want to curl up in the corner of the sofa. I wonder if they’ll cancel the vineyard tour.

  3. I release myself from the shame of buying them Lunchables twice this week. I tell her that next year I’ll get my act together.

  4. Batonnage sweatshirt, jeans, rain coat. I think I’m ready for this.

  5. Rain drops on roses.

  6. Newly grafted vines. These will be Cabernet Franc. They hope the birds won’t like to eat them as much as they liked to eat the Malbec.

  7. But it really is just a beautiful place. Even with the cloudy skies. We slide a little bit in the mud. I ask her why viticulture. I’d choose viticulture too if this had been my backyard.

  8. Some of them hold more than 15,000 gallons. I like the word “glycol.” Tractors and forklifts. Hoses.

  9. The smell of barrels.

  10. It almost seems crazy to tell a person that it’s not worth the money. But it’s not worth the money. One of our jobs is to remind one another of our shared values. And to support actions that are in alignment with those values.