Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Six

  1. Why am I so tired?

  2. Cinnamon loaf and fruit and coffee. He’s upset because I won’t let him have both cereal and the cinnamon loaf. One carb. Fruit, water, and protien if you’re still hungry dude. He is not one for balance.

  3. More coffee. The time to go has come too soon.

  4. Cold.

  5. The sun breaks free for a moment. When you’re under it, it feels so warm. But I know the rain is coming back.

  6. Is this for real? Is she emailing me? This is a divine sign. If she thinks I could do it, then maybe I can. Keep speaking it out loud. Things will begin to happen.

  7. He tells me I’m beautiful. Old dudes full of wine. He’s nice though and from Chicago. He knows Naperville and North Central College.

  8. I think of the panels at the Forum. Also, he quit. I can’t believe that.

  9. But really, I can’t believe she emailed me.

  10. I tell her that I am having fun here. That I’m happy. That I’m tired. But the good kind of tired.