Ten.Six Hundred & Eighty-Nine

  1. Little bits of gray light leaking onto the bathroom floor. My feet are cold but I like the look of the bare floor.

  2. This thick cut bacon takes too long to cook.

  3. Why haven’t I been adding strawberries to my water?

  4. I can’t hear her, she can’t hear me, we have so many things to talk about. What is it that won’t let us connect right now? We still manage a few key things anyway.

  5. It feels quieter this time but I think it’s just the time of the year and maybe everyone just has a lot going on right now.

  6. She tells me I’m not charging enough. It’s humbling to hear. It’s also validating. It’s also anxiety-inducing.  This is a good opportunity for me though.

  7. I think of all the things I’m missing and then remember that what I already have is what's gotten me here.

  8. What is the robin doing? Back and forth, back and forth. I realize she’s grabbing the rotting leaves at the base of the pond and placing them in a tree. She’s making a nest. Here I am thinking of the ugly mess that is the rotting leaves at the base of the pond, wanting the mess to be all gone and here she is making art.

  9. Studio booked.

  10. Cedar plank salmon, beurre rouge, risotto, sauteed spinach, Goldeneye Pinot Noir.