Ten.Six Hundred & Sixty-Three

  1. The birds are so loud at dawn.

  2. I remind myself that I have a call with her at 6:30 am my time and I rush to get the potstickers started on the stove before we begin.

  3. When you take the time to look over past work and see just how much you’ve created. We should be really proud of ourselves.

  4. But this does need more attention.

  5. Her face and her voice. I’ve missed her light. We both realize that October will be here before we know it, but today, the conversation is just about life.

  6. What am I hoping to gain out of this?

  7. Introversion plus dinner with 4 strangers feels like too much. But the sun is shining and I do love Yountville and I know the food and the wine will be good. So there’s that.

  8. Hugs from strangers. Genuine enthusiasm. Good souls. You can feel it.

  9. But the caesar salad with its soft buttery croutons. But the macaroni and cheese and the pork chop and the roasted carrots. But the Apsara Syrah. But the cheese and the griddled bread and the mixed berry jam. But the tres leches.

  10. When you stumble upon an interactive art project on your way to a post-dinner cocktail.

  11. When you genuinely want to see these strangers again because the strangers now feel like friends.