Ten.Six Hundred & Sixty-Six

  1. I woke up just in time. I don’t think I want to finish that dream.

  2. Snail friends. Bird song.

  3. This is what happens when you move too quickly. I giggle at myself and hope no one notices. Someone will.

  4. Nettle tea because there’s still no coffee and I just don’t want another cappuccino.

  5. This is the best part of the planning. The details that pull it all together.

  6. Journal. Water. Hammock. The hummingbirds. This other bird that also sounds like a hummingbird. A good Monday.

  7. The thing is that nothing is going to be perfect. But there are little bits along the way that light he way.

  8. Let it be simple.

  9. I remembered to call.

  10. Now all I want to eat is aged Parmesan, really fresh olive oil, and some focaccia.