Ten.Six Hundred & Sixty

  1. I want to re-do Sunday and Monday. Back to our regularly scheduled program.

  2. I’m pretty sure everyone is going to complain about not having any options for lunch. But there’s plenty of food. They just have to make a little more effort.

  3. Lunchable.

  4. “On production of a valid receipt, travellers of elegance and style wearing designer and/or hand-tailored clothing or flaunting individual pieces of jewellery including wristwatches with a minimum purchase price of 10,000 US dollars may now board.” - Thank You for Waiting by Simon Armitage via The Slowdown Podcast

  5. Then you remember that you too were meant for poetry.

  6. Covered in sun and revelations.

  7. I panic a little bit when I see that Monse isn’t there. But he grabbed his book this time. His margaritas are still too strong.

  8. Cartography.

  9. A base hit. Steal to second. Steal to third. Steal to home on a wild pitch to score the tying run. I jump up in the stands. I realize that I might not be cheering, but yelling. That’s okay. I’m proud. Also very competitive.

  10. It’s hot here.