Ten.Six Hundred & Forty-Two

  1. Still in pain. Want to crawl back in bed.

  2. Trying to not let myself back out of going to the PTA meeting. I just need to get some coffee in me and then I’ll be okay.

  3. This top. It’s blend of innocence and allure, old and new. I need more places to wear this.

  4. I put on a black turtleneck because I think I’m going to be too cold. Heavy sweater over it. Coffee cup filled with coffee and frothy oat milk.

  5. But, I mean, where is the multi-purpose room?

  6. Stop talking.

  7. Rain, hot nettles infusion, “Women of Color,” bed.

  8. The feeling of impermanence.

  9. Syrah from the Central Coast. Blackberry, stemmy, spicy. Eventhough we’re heading into summer, I think cool climate Syrah might replace Pinot Noir for awhile.

  10. Too early to fall asleep.