Ten.Six Hundred & Forty-Three

  1. High bun.

  2. Apple crisp. The sky looks like apple crisp for breakfast.

  3. I realize that I have to be at work an hour earlier than I originally thought. Won’t be able to see much of the game now. Maybe none at all.

  4. A sweater dress feels appropriate for the day.

  5. I send them off to the game and get a few moments of quiet alone before having to people all day.

  6. “But can you work 40 hours a week?”

  7. “Are you new? You are great. Such a great personality and so good with people. Are you always out here?”

  8. She’s been sitting here all day. He had to bring her to work because there was no one else to watch her. I think about how unfair it is that there’s not such thing as affordable childcare. I think about how I’m in the privileged position of paying someone else to watch my children so that both of us to work. For me, I will end up paying the babysitter more than I will make for the day. Not everyone has this privilege. I think it’s wrong. I think about all the parents. I think about where we went wrong as a culture where we can’t value the family unit and support our community in such a way that thriving is possible for everyone.

  9. I want to look as the way the shadows are playing on the hills. And wow, the way the glow of sunset is highlighting the mountains in the distance. I want to rub the head of that cow over there.

  10. I beat them home and take a long, hot shower. What is home? Where is home? What do I need in order to feel rooted where am I? What if we stayed in Brentwood? What if I just focused on making this the home we need it to be instead of looking for the next maybe-right place?