Ten.Six Hundred & Forty-Nine

  1. Up before the alarm. I hear voices. It is exactly what I think it is.

  2. 75 and sunny. Yes, please. Intention for the day: savor—the quiet, the space, the sunshine, the free moments I get to do my own work.

  3. Change in plans.

  4. I turn off the music and turn on a podcast. The only way he’s going to listen to these is if I make him.

  5. The end game of productivity is not to make room in your schedule to do more, but less. Boredom is good. Rest is necessary.

  6. Maybe we’ll do one of our own this October.

  7. The height of the hills. Where we come from these hills might be considered mountains. The greenness of everything. The orange poppies, the yellow mustard, the purple that I cannot name.

  8. Maybe here?

  9. Back-patio-wine-drinking weather.

  10. The end goals are usually the same. The process of getting there is what’s so different.