Ten.Six Hundred & Forty-Four

  1. I wake up after he tells me he pulled me over for going 34 in a 30 zone.

  2. Light is creeping in.

  3. I put a $5 in the tip jar and start to walk out the door without the donuts. Then I realize my hands are empty. We both laugh and wish each other a good day.

  4. Why does it feel like everyone is yelling?

  5. Sometimes the bare minimum is the most you can do.

  6. I move the chair to into the shade but stick my legs out in the sun. Sanctuary. I’m craving sanctuary. I want to just lay down in the sun on a blanket.

  7. We walk down the street to the open house. Now we know why it still hasn’t sold.

  8. He points out all the birds of paradise in the yard. I didn’t realize we had more than one. All of them are blooming.

  9. We watch the hummingbird float in between us. “This is why we moved to California,” he says.

  10. Making home.