Ten.Six Hundred & Forty-Eight

  1. Today is a day for avocado toast.

  2. Newly thrifted sweater.

  3. But, like, you just need to wear the white shirt, dude.

  4. I’m not super patriotic for a quite a few reasons. I never have been. And there is something about this school music program that feels uncomfortable. Not everyone here is a citizen. Not everyone here feels safe. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t really free the slaves.

  5. He’s right. I am being angry but I’m angry about something that I can’t control. Emotions have a way of leaking into places they don’t belong.

  6. Fish and chips. Shacksbury Arlo Cider.

  7. But the problem is that being a mother is still considered a liability to most employers which means, if we don’t have the free help that’s necessary to progress in our careers, then we have to find alternative solutions. And, of course, shift capitalist structures and fight the patriarchy. Because the only reason men are able to work the kinds of hours they work is because of the labor of women.

  8. I hate being late.

  9. Another beautiful day for a baseball game. I still don’t have sunglasses.

  10. “How do you get over a fear?” I don’t know that I asked myself that question at 11 years old. We talk about visualization and repetition. The more you practice a thing, the more natural it begins to feel. Which is a reminder to myself: Practice makes Progress.