Ten.Six Hundred & Fifty-Two

  1. Where did the contact go?

  2. Turkey breakfast sausage and potatoes and coffee with frothy oat milk. Extra gratitude for oat milk. For finding one that I can actually tolerate enough of drink throughout the day.

  3. So slowly.

  4. The gray is taking over but it’s the kind of gray that fills the sky with peace. I take my nettles and water and laptop into the boy’s room for my client call. I love his little desk. It’s an authentic mid-century modern piece that’s a little wobbly but the wood is so great and the lines so classic. I wish it were mine.

  5. I DM her and set up the plans. We’ll have Sunday lunch here. Good. Motivation for me to finally hang something on the walls.

  6. It’s a very large bottle.

  7. He drops us off in front of the store for a little bit of shopping while he and the boys go to the batting cages. Last week she told me she likes black and blue. Everything she touches is full of electric color. I laugh to myself. It’s a good thing I didn’t try to do this on my own.

  8. Apsara Cellars 2015 Whole Cluster Syrah, Las Madres Vineyards, Carneros. Mind blown. Yesterday we drank a 2015 Syrah that was almost 3 times the price but only 1/8 as good.

  9. Investing in clarity. This is one of the smartest things I’ve done in some time.

  10. I savor the last little bit in bed playing wordscapes and listening to The Office. Cool cotton against the skin. The faint scent of lotion. He tells me that the big kid is in the little kid’s room, on the top bunk. They’re talking about baseball cards. How sweet.