Ten.Six Hundred & Fifty-Seven

  1. Just a little bit longer.

  2. The window experiment worked. Feeling refreshed after a pleasantly cool night. But will this work in July?

  3. Thirty minutes alone before I need to leave. I love home. I love being home. I love that this is my home.

  4. Microclimates. Sun at the base of the hills and now I’m driving up into the clouds.

  5. All the sheep are gathered in one big group. From here they look like large stones studding the hillside.

  6. I can tell by the look on his face.

  7. He says he’ll take my shift for tomorrow. I know the kids will be happy. It’s too late to make new plans, but at least I’ll get to relax after the kids hunt for their eggs and I’ll drink a mimosa and go for a walk.

  8. The hills are indeed turning brown already. I was telling her that I think, maybe, we really are just closer to the sun. I know it doesn’t make sense but that’s how it feels. I am closer to the sun.

  9. Tetramythos Roditis.

  10. Fill the eggs. Hide the eggs. Laugh about how the two youngest still believe in the Easter Bunny. Steal only a handful of jelly beans.