Ten.Six Hundred & Fifty-Four

  1. What are we eating for breakfast today?

  2. Water, water, water. Four snails so far. The distance they travel at such a slow pace. I never would have thought I’d be so captivated by these little things.

  3. I’m so bad with taking my vitamins.

  4. He says something about the roses. The blooms are larger than they were yesterday. It’s early but it already feels so warm.

  5. I really hope she moves soon so that I can leave because I’m too nervous to try to pull out of this space with her so close to me. Another one of those random anxiety things about driving a car.

  6. Books on the table. Food. Some insight. Introductions. And yet I leave feeling slightly unsure of myself. This might be one of the alignment things she talked about.

  7. But everything is so beautiful.

  8. What is that? He stepped on a snail.

  9. It occurs to me that maybe I shouldn’t have said anything at all. This is one of the reasons I stopped inserting opinions in public spaces. But I didn’t do or say anything wrong. But I’m still obsessing over it. But I probably should have just not said anything at all.

  10. Okay, okay. I’ll eat the ice cream sandwich.