Ten.Six Hundred & Fifty

  1. Slowly, surely.

  2. Only a handful of snails making the migration today.

  3. Picture day for one, games for both. Nothing is clean. Two sets of everything would be nice.

  4. I google beaches near the aquarium but then realize that I need to clean, go grocery shopping, get all of the laundry done. There’s no time for the beach tomorrow. Plus it will be too cold. Maybe I’ll be adventurous enough one day to drive them down there on my own with them.

  5. Dog day.

  6. I mean, it’s not that I dislike pets, but I do dislike them when their noses are in my food and wine.

  7. But the general feeling about today is that it’s a great day. Dog owners are thrilled to be able to have everything they love all in one place. And the weather is absolutely perfect.

  8. I grab a 2015 Nth Syrah and head out to the baseball game.

  9. Mercy rule.

  10. One day I will miss him coming to ask me to tuck him in.