Ten.Six Hundred & Twenty-Three

  1. Just a little bit longer.

  2. Of course everyone is very hungry on the morning I chose to sleep in. No, breakfast is not yet ready.

  3. Coffee plus a slice of tart berry galette plus trying to decide whether or not securing a sofa should be on the day’s agenda.

  4. “One day at a time,” I say. He’s okay with that.

  5. Towels and bath rugs. Dinner for tonight. I let her add a wedge of blue cheese to the cart because who am I to discourage a budding gourmand? Plus I have pears and walnuts at home and oh, what a combination that could be.

  6. Cleaning can wait.

  7. Blanchot, Bougros, Grenouiles, Les Clos, Les Preuses, Valmur, Vaudesir. How is the rhyme still in my head?

  8. Almost like the absence of sound.

  9. A little too dry.

  10. He knows the phases of the moon better than I do.