Ten.Six Hundred & Twenty-Six

  1. What’s taking me so long to get out of the bathroom?

  2. Bacon, unwrap the banana bread, a full pot of coffee, some eggs.

  3. I understand the anxiety of driving around on the unknown roads.

  4. Little breaks from the rain driving up to the valley. I wonder where she is?

  5. Even in the rain it’s still so beautiful. Every time I think I don’t want to be here, I visit again and then I do.

  6. Novicium. The smell of a barrel room. The crunch of the gravel. The cheese. Castelvetrano olives. Olive oil. Crunchy bread. Continuum.

  7. Long Meadow Ranch. Tomato soup. Cheddar biscuits. Crimson Sin.

  8. Opus One. Orchids. 2009 and 2015. Nancy. David. Sun and sun and sun.

  9. This is the way it should be done.

  10. He bought me a fancy wine key for the exam. Made from french oak barrels. Sides stained with red.