Ten.Six Hundred & Twenty-Four

  1. I look at myself in the mirror. Confidence. Yes.

  2. I set out the toaster, some butter, 5 plates, the cinnamon bread and a cutting board full of fruit. It’s a self-serve kind of morning.

  3. Hot coffee. A little pep in my step. Maybe it’s because I know the weather promises sun.

  4. Wet feet from morning dew. I can’t tell if he’s nervous. He most likely is. But I think he will have so much fun.

  5. How much are the homes over here? I could look at these hills all day.

  6. Blue bird. It’s not a blue jay. I saw a picture of it at the museum but now I can’t remember its name.

  7. I just have to trust that I know enough of what I need to know.

  8. Sore feet. Tank top and a can or sparkling and some sun. Reset. How is the day almost done already?

  9. I tell him that she helped me with my cocktail flashcards on the front porch so he can feel free to quiz me. Negroni. Old Fashioned. Martini. Margarita. Mojito. Moscow Mule.

  10. Tomorrow.