Ten.Six Hundred & Twenty-Five

  1. They’re on their first leg.

  2. Of course she’s up. We whip up some banana bread. I bet she won’t even eat it even though she’s happy to help. I can’t wait for the coffee and the bread to be done.

  3. Now to clean.

    4. My Haunted House.  

    5. He’s sitting in the driveway with salami in his hand waiting for them to arrive.  

    6. Too late for ribs.  

    7. 5 days. Surprisingly calm.  

    8. Laughter. Grayed-over skies. They said the neighbor threw the balls back over the fence. This is way smaller than 1/3 of an acre.  

    9. Wente Riva Ranch Pinot Noir. Excited for Continuum and Opus.  

    10. Milk peel.