Ten.Six Hundred & Thirty-Seven

  1. I just want there to be enough time in the day to do what need to be done.

  2. To be more strategic. No. Not strategic. Intentional.

  3. Waffles. Butter into every square. A light drizzle of syrup. I should have added strawberry. I make another cafe au lait with some fresh cinnamon. But there’s not going back to bed today.

  4. I need to go.

  5. The trail is busier than usual. A group of cyclists. People walking dogs. There are at least 10 people on the tennis court but their rackets look odd. The creek that was so dry and quiet in early winter is vocal. I stop on the bridge to take a listen. So much sun.

  6. Meditation in the covered porch. It’s just quiet enough.

  7. Big House Beans. Pour over and gluten-free avocado toast topped with hard-boiled egg and crisp radish. Laptop on the high bar. Music in ears. I might have found a third place.

  8. I work my way from anger and resentment to gratitude and peace. Everything is clean.

  9. The smell of roasted tomatoes and garlic. No one eats the salad. Pax Carignan.

  10. Tomorrow we go back to normal. But there’s no such thing as normal. Tomorrow will be normal enough.