Ten.Six Hundred & Thirty-Four

  1. Not ready.

  2. A bushy gray cat is walking around in the backyard. I hope it can get itself out because I have no desire to go out there and touch it.

  3. Leftover olive oil cake and coffee. Soft light. I do think the sun will be out today.

  4. Green hills and Mt. Diablo in the distance. I realize that I haven’t really left the house since returning home Sunday. I take a deep breath. This is what I came here for.

  5. I cut what I think is phlox. The delicate lavender flowers won’t leave my mind. I stick them in a mason jar with some water. Yes. I just needed a little bit of beauty.

  6. I walk. They ride their bike and their skateboard. In the sun, when the breeze takes a pause, it’s just about perfect. The sky is clear enough to see see the hills and the turbines off in the distance. Two cotton ball clouds are sitting atop Mt. Diablo. We are the only ones at the park. It is surprisingly quiet for such a beautiful day.

  7. Uno.

  8. Two kids with practice at the same time in different towns. This stresses me out even though he is here to help today.

  9. “Why are we getting ready to leave so early?” “So we can be early to practice. Early is on time.” “No. Early is early.”

  10. I wipe out on the blacktop. “Part of learning is falling down.” Note to self, buy a 31-inch wooden board.