Ten.Six Hundred & Thirty-Five

  1. When Tyler Florence is in your dream and commending you on all the food you’ve cooked.

  2. I already hear rustling in the kitchen.

  3. We decide that maybe today is a good day for a little adventure. I know it means a lot of time in the car, but I think it will be good for everyone to get out of the house. It’s supposed to be a beautiful day.

  4. No one is as excited as we are.

  5. Having your experience validated can shift something in you.

  6. When you know what you need to do but someone else tells you those exact same things you’ve been thinking but not acting on.

  7. So warm in the sun.

  8. Random bunches of calla lilies. Some of them in front of leaning houses with peeling paint. The juxtaposition of exquisite beauty and detritus.

  9. But I could live in this little town if it weren’t so far away from everything.

  10. I opt to save the Pax wines for another night. Maybe for Sunday’s roasted chicken when there’s time to savor.