Ten.Six Hundred & Seventeen

  1. Just remember that the weather report promises sunshine today.

  2. Feel. Do.

  3. I look over my right shoulder and am blinded by light. The sun looks different here. Which sounds silly to say except it’s true and I don’t know how to explain it. But it’s so bright.

  4. Hawk.

  5. The silhouette of a solitary cow on the hilltop. The sheep aren’t on this side of the hill today. I giggle and think back to yesterday when I saw what appeared to be sheep frolicking. Frolicking white sheep against green grass and gray rock and blue sky.

  6. Sauvignon Blanc.

  7. I forgot chicken broth. Now what to do?

  8. The kitchen is lit up. I look at my watch. Ok. Let’s see how long it lasts before the sun dips behind the neighbor’s house.

  9. Petaluma. I could do Petaluma, I think. Maybe it won’t be here. Maybe we do head up north. I wouldn’t mind being closer to the water. Maybe feel like there’s a little more space. And yet. I also can imagine staying here. I can imagine staying. I can also imagine not ever feeling 100% certain about any choice we make.

  10. They still want to be tucked in.