Ten.Six Hundred & Seven

  1. How is it already March?

  2. Mental list of things to do and not to do. The “not-to-do” list is feeling a little long.

  3. I try the store again, this time, moving more slowly. Remembering that patience is required in everything.

  4. “Right on,” he says. That’s how I know I’m in California.

  5. I fold six loads of laundry in the quiet. Head still heavy from congestion. I’ve been sick in some fashion for almost three weeks now.

  6. 22 days.

  7. He didn’t get the order right. I really wanted that chicken enchilada. And I really wanted that asada taco. But at least the margarita was good.

  8. Sleep. The body needs more rest.

  9. I had forgotten how visually stunning this movie is. The writing is not the best but the film is gorgeous.

  10. Work tomorrow. I do hope his game is rained out so that I won’t have to miss his very first one.