Ten.Six Hundred & Nineteen

  1. Oh good, I can open my eyes.

  2. He stumbles into the kitchen. One eye is very puffy and sealed shut. We get a warm washcloth to ease it open. Pivoting plans for the day.

  3. They look a little weird but maybe they taste OK.

  4. These women on the Kaiser phones have just been so kind. If they only knew how their kindness so early in the morning melted away a bit of the stress.

  5. He asks me if I can take him to lunch. He wants pizza. I do too.

  6. He’s such a good companion.

  7. Sun, sun, sun.

  8. The doctor suggests he stay out of school tomorrow too. The eye plus the ear infections warrant a bit more rest. I think about the mothers and fathers and caregivers who don’t have a choice and send their sick kids to school. I think about how grateful I am that I can say okay and be home and cuddle and eat. I think about how much of a privilege it is.

  9. A thing can be both a burden and a privilege.

  10. Tomorrow, I think we’ll go for a bike ride.