Ten.Six Hundred & Eighteen

  1. How is it already time to get up?

  2. Tuesday. Spring break begins next week. Parents arrive one week from today. Only 12 more days until the exam. Where is all the time going?

  3. Lunchables.

  4. Nettles and oat straw tea. “Reclaiming Conversation” and seeing her face. Talking life and confidence and courage and hourly rates.

  5. Sour gummy worms and sun.

  6. I read and start daydreaming about finding a small piece of land where it’s quiet and I feel even closer to the sun.

  7. I start to panic and worry that maybe the bus was in some kind of accident. Or maybe the traffic coming back from San Francisco was heavier that expected. San Francisco. They went to San Francisco today. That sounds wild to me. Oh yeah, we live in California.

  8. Confidence. Confidence.

  9. Can I really do this?

  10. Pink eye.