Ten.Six Hundred & Eight

  1. I think I hear rain.

  2. I am not opposed to a slow day at work. I like it best when I get to spend more one-on-one time with guests.

  3. Now if only I could get my nose to stop running.

  4. Why are we always arguing over eating fruit?

  5. Today’s intention: honest connection; don’t take anything personally.

  6. The rain. It will be a slow start to the day.

  7. I surprise myself with what I know.

  8. He hugs me. He smells a little bit like cigarette smoke. His Boston accent is endearing. He’s brought his mother-in-law who looks like she might be 80-something. She tells me about the first time she got buzzed on alcohol was just a few years ago.

  9. Dipping in and out of the fog as I navigate the hills on the way home. The road is always the same but every night it looks a little different. In some ways it doesn’t seem real.

  10. Growth.