Ten.Six Hundred & Two

  1. I think, maybe, not enough of us bring intention into our work. Before I leave, I always think of an intention. What is my goal for the day with my guests? How do I want to make them feel when they’re there? When they leave?

  2. Bacon. Coffee. Waffles from a mix.

  3. Cloud cover. Looks like rain but you never know.

  4. The morning time passes too quickly.

  5. I still care too much.

  6. I ask her what’s been the most surprising thing about having a new middle school-er. “How mean they are. Some of the things these kids are saying are things I’d neeeever think of saying to another person.” My heart aches a little bit at hearing this but I understand it.

  7. They give me a list of places to go for cocktails in Walnut Creek.

  8. She’s a teacher. She also lives in Brentwood. She also says she loves it. I get more and more confused when I hear people talk about where they live and why they love it. Everyone has a sense of pride about where they come from.

  9. Were it not for the cloud cover, a sign that the rain is indeed coming, the sky would be a little brighter. But still. So nice to be leaving work with a little bit of light still hanging in the sky.

  10. Wente Cabernet Franc with the pot roast he cooked for dinner. Seems like the right kind of meal to prepare for the upcoming week.