Ten.Six Hundred & Three

  1. I don’t think I’ve worn this sweater in a while.

  2. Hashbrowns. Potstickers. Coffee. Is there any leftover bacon? I’m finding it difficult to eat more than one piece these days.

  3. I assure him that I’ve already emailed his teacher to let her know that it’s his last day. He is really the most easygoing kid.

  4. What is happening?

  5. What kind of tea shop doesn’t open up until 11:30? This is a bad sign. It will probably be closed soon. I get back in the car and drive down Balfour to the other local coffee shop. Chai and a gluten-free scone. Yes, please.

  6. At first I think it’s snow. Then I realize it’s just the blooms blowing off the trees. Delicate white petals collecting in the cracks of the sidewalk. It feels like spring.

  7. There are regulars. I like this. I like places where there are regulars.

  8. Back to the car. Seeing her face. Yes. Her face always makes me feel better. We catch up on as much as we can. Decide that we def need to hang out before the retreat. Yes. I gotta get to Seattle. I need a break from these kids.

  9. It’s closed. Again. We’ll try Enishi.

  10. No dust in the case. This is a good sign.