Ten.Five Hundred & Ninety-Two

  1. I’ll save the boxes of candy for after school.

  2. I remember how my mother used to buy the both of us a box of chocolates every Valentine’s day. She never said anything either. They would just be there in the morning when we came downstairs for breakfast. Every year.

  3. A little bit of sun breaking through. Everything is damp and glittering.

  4. What is it about freshly vacuumed floors that give so much pleasure?

  5. What is it that I want to do though? How is it that I’ve come all this way and now feel so lost? It i s both scary and freeing.

  6. Acknowledge where the blessings have already been received.

  7. We drive to Livermore in the rain. The hillside is dotted with cream-colored sheep. Where did they come from? What lies on the other side of the hill? Cows gathering in the corner of the pen, their backs turned toward the rain.

  8. “You just can’t do strip mall sushi.” “You’re such a snob.” “I’ve always been bourgeois.”

  9. He offers to get the kids from school which is really the very best kind of gift anyone could give me.

  10. Champagne and pizza and a long, very hot shower.