Ten.Five Hundred & Ninety-Seven

  1. I wanted to get back to the dream. I couldn’t make my way back. I wanted to see the face again.

  2. Steel cut oats.

  3. But if this truck gets in front of me it’s going to add 4 more minutes to my commute.

  4. The New Yorker Podcast. I keep thinking of Tracy K. Smith’s words.

  5. We both look at one another at the same time. But I decide that I don’t want to let him in front of me. Oh. Yes. Now I understand how people get petty on the freeway.

  6. There’s still snow on the mountains. What is the name of the range that runs east to west? I always have questions. Snow and green hills and blossoming trees all in one scene.

  7. Unnecessary.

  8. Red salsa on my white shirt. Trying not to care.

  9. So much sun.

  10. It’s just okay. This is what happens when a dinner is unplanned and last minute. What’s happened to my routine?