Ten.Five Hundred & Ninety-Four

  1. A little bit of daylight.

  2. They’re stocking the grocery store. I am only one of three people actually trying to shop. But I just need a little bit to get them through the next few days.

  3. I need to renew my routine of proper meal planning. I hate this errand-running thing.

  4. Coffee. First cup in four days.

  5. All the rain means saturated earth, saturated colors. Everything is more rich and lush.

  6. I walk to the car for a lunch break and turn on The New Yorker Poetry podcast. There’s just something about Marie Howe’s voice.

  7. So much pain.

  8. The moon is almost full and there’s still a little bit of evening light left over. Silhouettes of mountains. The promise of a star-filled sky.

  9. Turkey burgers are waiting for me.

  10. The wait in the ER feels so long. The last thing I want to do right after a long day at work. I play word games on my phone. But at least it’s quiet. At least I’m sitting down. Yes, a bladder infection. Medicine. I’ll feel better tomorrow.