Ten.Five Hundred & Ninety-Five

  1. How much longer can I stay in bed?

  2. I see his thin body snake its way through a crack in the door. I know he’s looking for an electronic device. “Get out of here.”

  3. Sunshine donuts. One cup of coffee even though the doctor didn’t recommend it.

  4. The colors, the colors. In another life I’d be a painter.

  5. Cold hands.

  6. The ways in which the things we don’t stay say still have a way of making it into the air. Anything can be felt.

  7. It seems silly to say that I’ve never seen clouds like these before, but, I really feel like I’ve never seen clouds like these before. Perhaps it’s just that here, in this particular landscape, they take on a new kind of shape.

  8. So much sun.

  9. I leave before everyone else. I wish I could stay. But I just want to get back to my family.

  10. Full moon vibes. There’s just something about the way it illuminates the sky, making the arrival of night more friendly.