Ten.Five Hundred & Ninety

  1. This app won’t work for overnight.

  2. The upside to him being gone: turning on all the lights and making the bed before breakfast. It’s the little things.

  3. Not enough of the right things to cobble together a lunch for school.

  4. There’s still a teeny bit of snow up on Mt. Diablo.

  5. Oh, hard to hold this fire inside me / All I know, sometimes it's frightening / Hard to hold this fire inside me

  6. There are just something things that you don’t forget not matter how hard you try. But I’m noticing that as more time goes by, the emotions attached to the memories begin to fade.

  7. Maybe it’s not too late for a refund. Shoot. Missed it by 3 days. If only I had thought about quitting sooner. Just need to buckle down. But probably no more after this.

  8. Everyone needs a Sarah Dorfman in their lives. 8 more months.

  9. She brings in a large box and says that it’s for me. Even the 11 year-old boy says that the bottles are so pretty.

  10. Save the seeds. Begin the olive trees indoors. We’ll see how this goes.