Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Two

  1. “I was just going to watch tv.” Uh-huh, right. I send him back to his room, mainly because I know he’s tired and I want a little bit of quiet while I start breakfast.

  2. Brown sugar. Brown sugar.

  3. Ok. So we’re still doing this. I ask her to write down everything she needs so I can run to the store to pick it up. This seems simple enough.

  4. In a way, I admire her persistence. Maybe, at the end of all of this, she will indeed absorb some skills. But next year…next year I know what to do.

  5. Clenched.

  6. My introversion is kicking in. I’m fighting the urge to complain about going to the neighbor’s house for the game. I don’t want to socialize. Plus this science fair project is due tomorrow. Plus I need to study for my certified exam. But I already made the caramel corn so there’s that.

  7. Waiting for ice to melt.

  8. The caramel corn gets devoured. I finally meet my immediate next door neighbors and find out that they also have a teenage daughter. 3 potential babysitters. Amazing.

  9. Everyone is so nice. And that is great. And it makes me wonder whether or not we’d need to look anywhere for a permanent home.

  10. Tired. Tired.