Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Three

  1. It’s too early. I can tell. Yes. 4:25 am. I opt to toss and turn for another hour instead of disturb anyone else by getting up.

  2. I wake her up so she can finish writing her results and conclusion plus there are still pictures to print and glue down.

  3. What time is it?

  4. Rainbow.

  5. Double rainbow. How can you have a bad day after seeing this?

  6. The sound of the rain against the roof. Plink. Plink. Plink.

  7. New moon. I give myself permission to make a vision board instead of study. Beyonce, a quote from Ralph Lauren, the interior of a photographer's studio showing her fine art prints, glasses of wine and plate of food on hand-thrown ceramics.

  8. 2014 Qupe Grenache.

  9. The realization that we might have to be present for the entire 2 hours tomorrow.

  10. I tell him that I just need a creative outlet, and today it looks like this.