Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Seven

  1. Oat straw infusion. I’ll make myself some nettle tea when I get back. Nettle tea and a good cup of coffee too.

  2. I hear spoons in bowls. But I know that they can’t watch anything because I shut the internet off.

  3. Just enough to get through today. And then I can do more tomorrow. I didn’t manage my time this week very well.

  4. Bacon. Stuff for chicken tortilla soup. Dishwasher detergent I pause to look at the flowers; I’ll wait until I can get to Trader Joe’s.

  5. The upside to getting to the store so early: seeing the pink tint of the clouds at sunrise.

  6. Thin fog weaving through the hills.

  7. Chicago and Nebraska.

  8. Twenty-one Twenty-Somethings. So much color. So chill. So friendly.

  9. I’m zoning out. They’re asking me if I’m tired of them. No. I just realized that it’s 3:30 and I haven’t eaten lunch.

  10. Be ready for the unexpected. It’s only a matter of time.