Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-One

  1. 7:06. I must have needed the extra sleep.

  2. The slow arrival of morning light through the rain clouds. I think I still hear the gutters dripping.

  3. I do my make-up but keep my robe on. I take my coffee back to bed.

  4. She’s still wanting to do this project. I help her take pictures of her materials.

  5. The way the sun is peaking through the clouds and touching the tips of the hills.

  6. What shade of green is this? It’s almost electric. Almost too bright and fluorescent to be real.

  7. Three familiar faces.

  8. I am thinking of what I will do tomorrow: slow morning, another cup or two of coffee in bed, maybe I’ll finally write a newsletter, read a little bit, make more flashcards, Super Bowl party. Good thing we have younger kids to use as an excuse to leave a little early.

  9. The manager repeats a compliment about me given to her by one of the guests today. If I were a fairer shade I would have been very red.

  10. The tangelo is a little sour but very juicy. A little bit of moonlight is reflecting off the clouds and I can see the silhouette of the hills and mountains. It’s still an eerie drive in the dark even though I’m getting use to this road at night. Looking forward to lengthening of days when this commute will be filled with soft golden light.