Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Four

  1. No more pain. No more pain.

  2. Today, making nettle and oatstraw infusions. Once I pass this certified exam I can get back to my herbalism studies.

  3. The first light. Deep blue sky on one side and the yellow-gold glow on the other.

  4. He's taking them to school today. It's a small thing that feels like a big thing for which I'm very grateful.

  5. Laundry.

  6. 46 days. North Coast, Central Coast. How come I can't ever find anything on Livermore Valley?

  7. I remind myself that it took us 3 years from the day we actually agreed that it's what we wanted. The no is just for right now. Trust the timing of things.

  8. The shape of the hills in the distance. The blades of the turbines turning so slowly. Bright green and blue and the cotton ball clouds. These clouds have names. I will learn them one day.

  9. It's cool in the shade but then the sun hits by back and it's burning a hole between my shoulders.

  10. I miss my camera.