Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Four

  1. Tuesday, Tuesday. How is it only Tuesday?

  2. The weather app said it would be cloudy but it's all sun. The clouds are low but the sun is just right there.

  3. Snow on top of Mt. Diablo. I wish I could pull over and take a picture for my friends back home.

  4. She asks if California has changed me because here I am asking about a 3-room tent.

  5. There is a version of myself, California Alisha, that is not like Chicago Alisha. I recognize this. California Alisha moves outside of her comfort zone. California Alisha thinks she could lay in a tent on the beach and let the waves lull her to sleep. California Alisha just might camp in a tent. California Alisha learns to relax.

  6. Bed. Heating pad. Unusually bad.

  7. The day just goes by too quickly. 1:45 is too, too soon.

  8. Dinner? Chicken Teriyaki. Yes. That will be easy.

  9. Science fair. I'm just glad we did it. Done is better than perfect. The littlest one wants to do it too. No, oh, no. I suppose we have to.

  10. He says that the cramps are probably so bad because I haven't been doing my yoga and exercising like I used to. He's right. And I hate to admit it, but it's true: my body was its best version of itself—meaning I had the least amount of PMS symptoms and less pain— when I was gluten and dairy free and doing Bikram twice a week. But oh, to give up Parmesan and focaccia. I don't know if I can do it again.