Ten.Five Hundred & Eighty-Eight

  1. Ok. Just need to get a little bit of coffee into me.

  2. The slow arrival of light. This is my favorite part of the morning.

  3. Bacon and biscuits into the oven. I make a list of just the bare minimum. He’s going to the store for me so that I can clean. I realize that there’s so much I get that’s not on the list. Things he won’t think to get. That will have to be okay for today.

  4. I remind myself that this is something the kids can do. I organize that house into zones and offer them $2 per zone. Good. Now the dust is gone from the baseboards.

  5. Which reminds me that we need to get back to a chore list.

  6. I think of that day I messaged her, “what is normal anymore?” Two moves in two years and me still telling myself, when things settle down, when things settle down.

  7. No one is available.

  8. I am extraordinarily hungry. I eat two bowls of soup, a few handfuls of almonds, water and more water.

  9. The way the sun lights up the house. What will summer be like?

  10. The tightness in my jaw has returned. I force space between my upper and lower teeth, rest my tongue in such a way that it kind of props the mouth into a more open state. Will it never not be a thing?