Ten.Eight Hundred & Twenty-One

  1. People talking. Kitchen staff maybe? Never get a room in a hotel that’s attached to a restaurant.

  2. The smell of coffee brewing and what sounds like a vacuum cleaner running. Maybe it’s Carol or Lourdes.

  3. I know it’s coffee time and maybe, just maybe the pastries are already out. No. Just coffee. There’s a man in a hat talking about moving to Colorado Springs. He has a bit of a twang. I press the button and get coffee into the mug.

  4. She tells me that her father was a Presbyterian pastor and that they moved about every 6 years. It was in Burbank that she sang in the choir and got tickets to see The Bob Hope Show. She used to know how to use a loom.

  5. Marlene says that sometimes Lourdes doesn’t like it when people ask for a late checkout but since not very many people are checking in, she doesn’t think it will be a problem.

  6. She thinks we’re organized.

  7. What is going on?

  8. The back door of the car won’t open which seems almost comedic. I mean, how are we supposed to reload this thing? At least we will be leaving with a lighter load.

  9. Chocolate mousse and coffee. Yep.

  10. So good to see familiar faces, to be in a place where I can be with old friends and make new ones. All things considered, this is the best place I could be right now.