Ten.Eight Hundred & Twenty-Three

  1. Much better.

  2. So steep.

  3. Where are the bananas? They were overripe but I could really use one before I drink coffee.

  4. I walk up behind the cabins to watch a little bit of the sunrise and 10 turkeys cross the labyrinth in front of me. Charting serendipity.

  5. The thing about the labyrinth is that it doesn’t matter where you start; you always end up in the same place. A metaphor for life.

  6. Apparently all the Ubers and Lyfts are coming here. It’s worth the hassle.

  7. It’s all a process in learning.

  8. That feeling like you’re saying too much and yet also not enough.

  9. It didn’t make me feel that much better.

  10. Where are my words?