Ten.Five Hundred & Sixty-Three

  1. Day 3 of no coffee.

  2. Only 50 degrees and rain all day. But there is much to do.

  3. The look on his face is better today than it was yesterday.

  4. But hot tea is just not the same as coffee.

  5. I go in to look for some more pants for him but all I walk out with is a small rusty bowl that I know I want to photograph those oranges in.

  6. A whole house to myself. So quiet. So quiet. Corners of light.

  7. What it will be is more freedom, right? I can feel the weight lifting off of me already with that one decision.

  8. Meaning, it’s not that I don’t want to freelance. I want to do work that I want to do. But shifting away from calling myself a freelancer and choosing to assume the title of “artist” instead feels more spacious.

  9. Deperu Holler Familia. Something like 80% Cannonau, which I’ve never had before. I think I like it.

  10. I will figure it out when it’s time to figure it out.