Ten.Five HUndred & Sixty-Six

  1. Wandering around in the dark. A metaphor for life sometimes.

  2. He really doesn’t stop talking.

  3. Parted clouds. The peak of Mount Diablo. The soft glow of morning light.

  4. This coffee will be cold by the time I get back.

  5. It feels good to see how much I still know. I ought to be more confident in my knowledge.

  6. Ok.

  7. “It’s just…I don’t have the words to describe how grateful I am for you.” Oh, my mama heart.

  8. There it is. That tightness. The feeling of constriction. It’ll be okay.

  9. I did say that this might be the year of more, didn’t I?

  10. No one is excited about the beet salad. I’ll save it for work tomorrow.