Ten.Five Hundred & Sixty-Seven

  1. What’s that glow?

  2. Granola. Fruit. Coffee. Waiting patiently for sunrise.

  3. New babysitter. She lives right across the street. Please let her be a good one. What time is it?

  4. Coffee, sipped slowly, feet up on the coffee table. It’s still quiet right now.

  5. Math club and honor society. She will probably be a keeper.

  6. The sun is finally out and it feels a little like magic.

  7. I try to listen to him teach her about France and grapes but I already know this stuff. I walk to the back bar with The Wine Bible and read that instead.

  8. I eat my beet salad with goat cheese and pepitas in the car. No music. Windows down. The turbines are spinning. There are people out pruning the vines.

  9. Everyone likes to hang out. I just want to get back home to have dinner with my family.

  10. Energies.