Ten.Five Hundred & Sixty-Nine

  1. Clogged nose. I’m going to ignore the alarm and sleep in.

  2. Just enough light for me to tell that the sun is going to be out today. Thank goodness.

  3. Earthling Poems.

  4. Cleaning on a sunny day is kind of the best feeling. Everything shines.

  5. I make all of them vacuum their rooms on their own. I took that out of my cleaning routine and reclaim 15 minutes of my life back.

  6. She’s on time.

  7. Only an hour to get to SF. This would never be the case in Chicago. Traffic? What traffic?

  8. Green hills. Sea gulls. Blue sky. The San Francisco skyline as we come over the bridge.

  9. Hollow.

  10. French onion soup. Wagyu beef cheek. Key Lime Pie. Puligney-Montrachet. Nebbiolo.