Ten.Five Hundred & Sixty-Four

  1. Feels like a day for a black turtleneck.

  2. What are the stories I’m trying to tell?

  3. Sightly better look on his face this morning.

  4. The clouds are covering just the tip of Mt. Diablo. It feels so good to have a bit of clear sky before the rains return.

  5. No v-neck undershirts. All the things for chicken tortilla soup.

  6. I laugh while I stir the pot. Time just goes by so quickly when she and I are together. I suppose that is the power of depth.

  7. “I want to be with those who want to tell the truth.”

  8. Yes, yes. That’s right. Be unapologetic in your choices.

  9. Wherever it is that we are, it’s gorgeous. Hills upon hills upon hills all around. Cows, olive trees, an alpaca. This place.

  10. The loneliness is really setting in for him.